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  • Smoke Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Smoke Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Smoke Detection and Alarm Systems

Smoke Detection and Alarm Systems

Smoke Detection and Fire Alarm Systems

Smoke detectors are devices which, with the help of smoke sensors, assist in indicating fire. They send out a signal to a fire alarm control panel or issue an audible or visual alarm depending on the facility in which it is installed. Smoke detection & Alarm systems are characterized by smoke detectors which come in disk-shaped enclosures. However the size and dimensions vary according to the manufacture and product line.
Alarm systems are used to detect smoke in places where it is prohibited. Most smoke detectors operate either through optical detection or by physical process, while some use both for detection purposes. Either way, the purpose of a Smoke detection and alarm system is to identify the location of the smoke or fire and to set off an alarm to ensure appropriate action, such as evacuation of the occupants, summoning the fire authorities, triggering the exhaust mechanism, activate the extinguisher etc. The alarm may be activated through automatic detection devices or by manual operation.

One of the characteristics of Safeguard Smoke Detection and Alarm system is its easy installation. Our intelligent smoke detectors enable you to notify the fire departments by generating an alarm earlier in the development of fire. In this way our smoke detection and alarm system buy you the critical time needed to investigate the source and initiate a proper response to prevent injury, property damage or business disruption. The sensitivity in these detectors does not degrade over time. As a result, even minute levels of smoke can be detected before a fire escalates and goes out of hand. Additionally these smoke detection systems are manufactured keeping in mind safety measures recognised worldwide and are available in a variety of models to accommodate a broad range of capabilities and applications.

The different types of systems are:
1. Conventional fire alarm system
2. Automatic micro processor based fire alarm system
3. Intelligent & analogue addressable fire alarm system, and
4. Integrated fire detection and extinguishing system