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Fire Sprinkler Systems Supplier

Safeguard Industries is a pioneer in a wide range of services including manufacturing, design, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. Fire Sprinklers can either have an open orifice or can be automatic. Automatic fire sprinklers operate at a preset temperature, which when reached for a specific duration of time or on crossing the tolerance limit of the heat sensitive element, which could either be a glass bulb or a fusible link, releases water from that particular sprinkler.

The water stream impacts a deflector, which follows a particular spray pattern designed based on the make of the sprinkler. The temperature that activates the sprinklers depends on the type of hazard against which the Fire Sprinkler System is supposed to protect against.
Open Orifice sprinklers, on the other hand are primarily used for in water spray systems or deluge sprinkler systems. They are similar to the automatic sprinklers except the heat sensors. The trained staff at Safeguard Industries are qualified to design, fabricate and install the appropriate fire sprinkler system according to your requirements as per your specifications.

We also offer inspection and maintenance services of our Fire Sprinkler Systems to ensure that your facility is protected at all times. Our Fire Sprinkler Systems are manufactured designed according to the guidelines provided by the insurance companies and government agencies to ensure that all specifications and insurance requirements are met.